9th Arab Technology Business Plan Competition
Phase one requirement and Deliverables

Note: Submission should follow all the coming rules without exceptions in order to avoid discarding.

Team rules:
• Team should be not less than 2 persons and not more than 5 persons.
• Team should assign just one coordinator responsible for any contact with the competition organizing committee, and it will be by mail but the reply will be to all the team.

The following four documents must be uploaded to the website at the registration page before 9 AM 5th of August, 2013:

1. Executive Summary: executive summary must be limited to 2 pages of text.

2. Financial Summary: 1 page financial summary data which Include how much money is required, how it will be used, and the proposed structure of the deal, i.e., stock, debentures, etc. You should use separated Excel sheets for financial data.

3. Resume Booklet: One team resume booklet, wherein each individual’s resume should not exceed 1 page in length.

4. One-Page Summary for Program Book and Media Campaign: We are asking each team to submit a one-page summary outlining your business plan where half the page is showing this summary in English and the other half showing the summary in Arabic. This one-page summary will not be used by the Judging panel, but will be provided to media and other representatives .The level of technical detail should be suitable for a general audience. Please include your contact information on the summary page.

* Summary should be in black and white (no color logos, titles font size 14 Bold Times New Roman, paragraphs font size 12 Times New Roman) and page size should be formatted to fit A4 with 2-2-2-2 cm margins, all documents should be in zipped file .

please upload your documents before registration closing, for any inquries or comments please contact us on the following email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Best Wishes
Organizing Committee