The 5th Arab technology Business plan Competition took place in 2009, the business plan competition was announced through different media channels like: the local partners in the Arab countries, ASTF data base, ASTF Cairo office Data Base, all Arab Universities and organizations, and through Arab and Egyptian newspapers and Egyptian T.V programs.
The 5th Version of Arab technology business plan competition received much more success than the 4th version, as the no. of the applicants to the business plan competition increased and became 79 applicants presented 14 Countries: Egypt (37 projects), Palestine (12 projects), Syria (9projects), Jordon (6projects), Iraq (3 projects), Yemen (3 projects), UAE(2 projects), Kuwait (1project), Libya (1 project), morocco (1project), Saudi(1project), Also there were 3 arab applicants from foreign countries like: Malaysia, Spain and Canada.

The submitted Projects in the 5th Arab technology business plan competition covered:
• Information & Communication Technology field.
• Electronics and electrical instruments field.
• Transportations field.
• Scientific and Medical Field

5th Arab Technology business plan competition’s Time phases:
1st Round: 
• The business plan Competition Announced (14 May, 2009).
• Deadline date for applying the business plan Competition Applications (10 July, 2009).
• Announcement of the 1st Round Winners (20 July, 2009).

2nd Round: 
• Training Program for Participants in Egypt (7th - 9th august).
• Training Program for Participants in Bahrain (16th - 20th August 2009).

3rd Round (The Finals): 
• The deadline for applying Business Plans and presentations. (10th Sept. 2009).
• The Competition Finals and Awards Ceremony (21thOct. 2009).
• Top 2 Teams Joined Intel + UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge in USA (17-19 November 2009).

Arab Technology Business Plan Competition Training programs:
In light of ASTF Cairo office’s responsibility in managing Arab technology business plan competition, ASTF Cairo office organized training program for 25 applicants from Egypt and it held in the Egyptian federation building for 3 days, also ASTF Cairo office cooperated with UNIDO- Bahrain Entrepreneurship and technology promotion Office (ITPO) to conduct the Entrepreneurship and enterprise training workshop at (16-20 August 2009) in Bahrain for the Technology Business Plan Competition participants who wanted to attend this training program.

5th Arab technology business plan competition’s Participant list:

• The first business plan name was “Aqarmap”, it was submitted from Yemen and it was a startup idea for Online Real Estate market.
• “Telephone Line Power lamp” it was the second participant in the 5th Arab business plan competition, and aimed to Solving Problem of Electricity cut-off, the project was submitted from Palestine.
• The business plan “EDOM” was submitted from Jordan to enhance the Green Technology Solutions field.
• “Human Heater” another business plan submitted from Jordan and it presented new product for human warming.
• A start up business plan idea was submitted from United Arab Emirates for new medicine for cancer, the business plan named by “Therapeutic Vaccines”.
• “Novel Med” was Egyptian business plan for Innovative Medical device.
• In a way for assisting the disabled people to control computer systems, a business plan was submitted from Palestine, it called “Eye Controlled Typing”.
• “Collapse Analysis” was Egyptian business plan submitted for New Computer Application for Collapse Analysis.
• “Wi-phone” business plan was submitted from Egyptian team which presented Telephone line and WIFI Adapter.
• “Blue Soft/Blue Phone” was business plan name for Egyptian team; this startup idea was about avoiding railways accidents.
• “HFF” business plan submitted from Egypt, and it was about Hydrogen Fuel Device.

The judging panel in 5th Arab Technology Business plan Competition Finals:
The final round in the Arab technology business plan competition organized in Marriot Hotel on 21th of October in Cairo, Egypt.

The Judging Panel was:
• Mr. Ahmed Gomaa CEO for Ideavelopers (Egypt).
• Mr. Afif Barhoumi Investor and Promotion Expert for UNIDO (Bahrain).
• Mr. Walid Bakr Consultant in Ryada Venture (Jordan).
• Mr. Gasser Sultan Investor and Director for Nile Capital (Egypt).
• Mr. Samir El-Bahaie Strategic marketing Manager for Intel (Egypt).

The winners:
• 1st place for “Novel Med” business plan.
• 2nd place for “Therapeutic Vaccines” business plan.
• 3rd place for “Collapse Analysis” business plan.
• 4th place for “EDOM” business plan.
• 5th place for “Aqarmap” business plan.