The Judging panel of Arab Technology Business Plan Competition takes in mind some criteria and factors when the evaluating the submitted business plan, the criteria included but not limited to: 

Technical criteria:
The technical criteria include not limited to:
Innovation: The submitted business plan should be about new start up idea not executed before to encourage the searching in the scientific business aspects.
Feasibility: The submitted business plan should be high quality written and feasible.
Robustness: The Submitted business plan should be strong, clear, persuasive and robust in order to have the capability to compete in the market.
Can be applied: The business plan should include obvious steps and performance milestones that could be applied in the market.

Business Criteria:
The Business plan should include the following business factors:
Add value: The submitted business plan should add new value not exist before in the market whether this value was financial or social return.
Competitive Advantage: The business plan should be characterized by marketability and have the ability to compete in the market.