The 2nd version of TBPC was held in 2006, there were about 26 business plans submitted represented 8 Arab countries: Egypt (2 business plans), Jordan (11 business plan), United Arab Emirates (4 business plans), Sudan (3 business plans), Palestine (2 business plans), Morocco (1 business plan), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1 business plan), and Iraq (1 business plan) also there were one business plan submitted from Germany.

The technological Projects that submitted in the 2nd Arab technology business plan competition covered the following fields:

• Information & Communication Technology.
• Electronics & Electrical instruments.
• Transportations.
• Medical & Materials science. 
• Constructions.
• Bio technology.

2nd Arab Technology Business plan Competition phases was:

1st Round:
• Applying the Competition Applications and Executive Summaries (June 2006). 
• Deadline for Applying the Applications and Executive Summaries (July 2006).
• Announcement of the 1st Round Winners (August 2006).

2nd Round: 
• Training Program for Participants Started (August 2006). 
• Deadline for applying Business Plans and presentations (September 2006). 
• Presentation for judging panels and Announcement of the top Winners in the Scientific Research (September 2006).

3rd Round: 
• Deadline for applying Business Plans and presentations (November 2006).

4th Round: 
• Top Teams Joined Intel + UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge in USA (January 2007).

The winners in the 2nd Arab technology business plan competition were:

1st place: for business plan submitted from an Egyptian company “Pyramid tech-inc” which serves the low cost 3D cameras.

2nd place: For “Kindisoftis” business plan, As kindisostis is a software firm that specializes in the protection and optimization of business logic and intellectual property for Internet Rich Applications, also Kindisoft works to deliver software products for businesses and individuals to help them produce smaller, more efficient, and more secure Rich Internet Applications.

3rd place: For IT “Open Technology” business plan that improve the open source technology.