The 3rd TBPC took place in 2007; it received success much more than the second version, as the 3rd Arab business plan competition received about 51 business plans.
The submitted business plans represented 11 Arab Countries, like: Egypt (14 business plans), Jordon (4 business plans), Morocco (1 business plan), Iraq (2 business plans), Palestine (11 business plans), Syria (2 business plans), Tunisia (11 business plans), Lebanon (1 business plan), Oman (1 business plan), Sudan (3 business plans), and Qatar (1 business plan).

The Submitted business plans covered the Following Fields:
• Energy
• Biotechnology
• Electronics Devices
• Engineering
• Materials science
• Education

3rd Arab Technology Business plan Competition phases was:

1st Round: 
• Applying the Competition Applications and Executive Summaries (June 2007).
• Deadline for Applying the Applications and Executive Summaries (July 2007).
• Announcement of the 1st Round Winners (August 2007).

2nd Round: 
• Training Program for Participants Started (August 2007).
• Deadline for applying Business Plans and presentations (September 2007).
• The Announcement of the top Winners in the Scientific Research (September 2007).

3rd Round: 
• Deadline for applying Business Plans and presentations (November 2007).

4th Round: 
• Top Teams Joined Intel + UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge in USA (January 2008).

The business plans that won in the 3rd Arab business plan Competition were:

1st place: for “Si-Ware Systems (SWS)” business plan, SWS is a provider of analog/mixed-signal / RF design solutions and IP for ASIC development in different application segments combines analog/mixed-signal and RF IC design expertise together with an extensive experience in mixed-signal verification to provide high performance analog/mixed-signal IP as well as customization, integration and design services for international semiconductor and product companies around the world.

2nd place: for “Minerets” business plan as minerets is a wireless technology company that focuses on developing wireless mobile solutions. Minerets vision is to become a household brand for mobile lifestyle.