Arab Technology Business Plan Competition Falls in line with ASTF efforts to fill the gap between those who generate startups technology business idea and those who want to invest in technology business fields.
Arab Technology Business Plan Competition aims to consequently support further technology researches and development, thus creates a much needed momentum able to drive Arab economies into the new millennium, also TBPC aims to create strong, innovative, technology-based business able to compete worldwide.
The Arab Technology Business Plan Competition can be a start for the Arabian entrepreneurs to present their innovations to the market through starting up technology based companies by developing their own business plans for their technological Innovations.

TBPC will help the applicants to gain some high needed skills in order to know how to manage the technology, and how to link the technology strategies to the business strategies of the company through Training, Mentoring, judging and seeking partnerships with Venture Capitals and Investors.
The technology business plan competition is also an opportunity for venture capitals and investors who seeking for potential entrepreneurs and investment opportunities in the Arab region within the technology and science fields.

Arab Technology Business Plan Competition’s objectives:

• Create more awareness on potential opportunities in technology startups and recognize innovative and outstanding technology business ideas and plans. 
• Develop entrepreneurial skills for the participants and help them in developing their business plan. 
• Increase investments in Arab technology startups by providing Arab investors with diverse & well selected group of startups to invest in.