The 7th Arab Technology business plan competition was held in 2011, it was announced in 17th May 2011. About 241 participants joined the competition representing 12 Arab Countries, they are: Egypt (35 business plans), Palestine (7 business plans), Lebanon (5 business plans), Jordon (4 business plans), Bahrain (3 business plans), Syria (3 business plans), Yemen (3 business plans), Saudi Arabia (2 business plans), Tunisia (2 business plans), Iraq (one business plan), Morocco (one business plan), Qatar (one business plan), besides Arab participants from foreign countries, like: France (one business plan), Italy (one business plan), USA (one business plan).

The submitted Projects in the 7th Arab technology business plan competition covered:
• Information Technology services.
• Communication.
• Semiconductors and Electronics.
• Medical.
• Pharmaceutical.
• Biotechnology
• Water and Desalination.
• Energy.
• Environment

7th Arab Technology business plan competition Time phases:
1st Round: 
• The business plan Competition Announced.
• Deadline date for applying the business plan Competition Applications and executive summary.
• Announcement of the 1st Round Winners.

2nd Round: 
• Launching E-learning course – chat rooms.
• Closing e-learning course.
• Receiving the business plan draft.
• Announcing the winners in the 2nd stage.

3rd Round: 
• Training Program for Participants in Egypt.
• Training Program for Participants in Bahrain.
• Receiving the final business plan and presentations.

4th round:
• Announcing the top 10 winners.
• Launching the virtual fair on competition’s website (23 August).
• Announcing the Top 3 winners.
• Top winners traveling to attend Intel - UC Berkeley, for entrepreneur challenge.

Top 10 winners in 7th Arab Technology Business Plan Competition:
• NanoDx business plan, Egypt.
• ODBoards business plan, Yemen.
• RT-Project business plan, KSA.
• Presto wireless business plan, Jordon & Egypt.
• TCloud business plan, Egypt.
• CCII business plan, Tunisia.
• Dental technology business plan, Tunisia.
• TTB business plan, Egypt.
• Smell sound system business plan, Iraq & Jordon.

The judging Panel of 7th Arab Technology business plan competition:
• Dr. Yasser M. Fahmy (Egypt)
• Mr. Afifi Barhoumi (Bahrain)
• Mr. Ameer Hassan (Sudan)
• Mr. Osama Alkhaja (Bahrain)
• Eng. Khaled Adas (Intel – KSA)

The Top winners in the 7th Arab Technology Business Plan Competition:
1st place: NanoDx business plan, Egypt.
2nd place: Herbatica business plan, Lebanon.
3rd place: ODBoards business plan, Yemen.
4th place: RT-Project business plan, Saudi Arabia &Lebanon.

Also NanoDx business Plan win the 3rd place in Intel – UC Berekely entrepreneur challenge.