The 4th Arab technology Business plan Competition was held in 2008, The Business competition received business plans from the local partners and the competition winners.
The competition was promoted through different media means and about 62 business plans was submitted to present 12 Arab Countries as the following: Egypt (38 projects), Jordon (7 projects), Morocco (5 projects), Lebanon (5 projects), Syria (3 projects), Palestine (2 projects), Sudan (1 project), United Arab emirates (1 project).

The technological Projects in 4th Arab technology business plan competition covered the following fields:
• Information & Communication Technology
• Electronics and electrical instruments
• Transportations
• Medical and Health care
• E-commerce

4th Arab Technology Business plan Competition Time plan was:

1st Round: 
• Applying the applications and Executive Summaries (June 22, 2008).
• Deadline for Applying the Competition Applications (July 22, 2008).
• Announcement of the 1st Round Winners (August 06, 2008).

2nd Round: 
• Training Program for Participants Started (August 31, 2008).
• Deadline for applying Business Plans and presentations (September 15, 2008).
• Presentation for judging panels and Announcement of the top Winners (27-28 October 2008).

3rd Round: 
• Deadline for applying Business Plans and presentations (18-20 November 2008).

4th Round
• Top Teams Joined Intel + UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge in USA (Monday, January 15, 2009).
• The top Winners joined meetings with Venture Capital, Angel funds and investors (April 2009).

Arab technology business plan Competition’s Training program (2nd round):
Due to ASTF Cairo office’s responsibility to manage the “Arab Technology Business Plan Competition, ASTF Cairo office cooperated with UNIDO- Bahrain Entrepreneurship and technology promotion office (ITPO) to conduct the Entrepreneurship and enterprise training workshop for 4 days in Bahrain for the Technology Business Plan Competition participants.
Bahrain training program was one of the successful and professional training programs in the Arab Region as it was a part of very successful model called "The Bahrain- Arab Model” that aimed to develop the capacities of potential entrepreneurs in order to boost their capabilities and assist them in developing their own private businesses.

The Goals of the Bahrain Training program was:
• Giving assessment training for entrepreneurs needed skills and capabilities and how to improve personal capabilities.
• Providing training about business planning and venture creation.
• Providing the participant after the training and/ or within the training "One on one business coaching and advising" where the expert can directly provide comments and advises for the entrepreneurs on his/her business plan.
• Providing matching services for funding specially with the Bahrain Development Bank, which provides some funding mechanisms majorly based on joint venturing also providing business advisory and consultancy services to the entrepreneurs.

The Semi-finals of 4th Arab Technology Business plan competition:

There were 11 semi Final participant members from different countries:
• Mohamed Imad Droubi for "Atraumatic Expanders" Business plan (syria).
• Elham El-Zanati for "Membrane-based water desalination system" business plan (Egypt).
• fath elrahman for "fathelrahman" business plan (Sudan).
• Attallah Joseph Attallah for "GIS/GPS tracking and monitoring systems" business plan (Egypt).
• BOUCHRIT YASSINE for "CHINNOVA" business plan (Morocco).
• Islam Badr el-Dein for "GlucoseMon" business plan (Egypt).
• Ahmed Abdelaziz for "C-CAP" business plan (Egypt).
• Ahmed Elazab for "wireless Soln" business plan (Egypt).
• Omar Cherkaoui for "" business plan (canada).
• Ahmed Moussa for "LIVIT Haptikos" business plan (Egypt).
• Saeed Ghali for "Innovative Technique for Production Ferrosilicon Magnesium Alloy" businss plan (Egypt).

The Judging panel for 4th Arab Technology business plan Competition:
• Prof. Adel Tweissi: Chairman for Al-Hassan Science city (Jordon).
 Mr. Afif Barhoumi: Investor Promotion Expert at UNIDO (Bahrain).
• Prof. Fathi H. Ghorbe: Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science in Rice University (Morocco).
 Mr. Mustapha Mezghani: Senior Partner 2CW,Tunisia (Tunisia).
• Dr. Nibal Idlebi: Team Leader in ICT for Development at UN-ESCWA (Lebanon).
• Dr. Samir El-Bahaie: Strategic marketing Manager at Intel (Egypt).
• Dr. Samir Aguenaou: Assistant Professor of Finance at Al-Akhawayn University (Palestine).

The Top 5 Winners in Arab Technology Business Plan Competition University Category :
1st place: Ahmed Abd Elaziz for "C-CAP" business plan in the Pharmaceutical field (Egypt).
2nd place: Omar Cherkaoui for "Virtuor" businss plan in Networking field (Morocco).
3rd place: Mohamad Imad Droubi for "Atraumatic Expanders" business plan in the Dentistry field (Syria).
4th place: Bouchrit Yassine for "chinnova" business plan in Home application-Hinge (Morocco).
5th place: Islam Badr el-Dein for "GlucoseMon" business plan in the field of Medical Device (Egypt).

Winners in Arab Technology Business Plan Competition Seed-Stage Category :

1st place: Hussein AL-Natsheh for " CIAppel" Business Plan.