The Arab women researchers and sustainable development efforts

Arab women researchers and scientists play a pivotal role in sustainable development efforts, because it is an essential partner of a man in Arab societies .

The role of women starts from home, up to the various spheres of economic, social, cultural and other.

In this context, it is important to engage a woman of science and technology, through their efforts in scientific research and technological innovation fields, to participate in building the knowledge economy and society in the Arab countries.

So, the L'Oreal and UNESCO Fellowship, managed by the Arab Science and Technology (ASTF), is a window for the participation of Arab women, across the 17 Arab countries, benefiting from the Fellowship, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Arab in the process of sustainable development, through the results of applied researches and studies, that can be employed and invested in the areas of industrial and economic development, to meet the needs of Arab societies and economies.

About the Fellowships

1. Up to 10 annual fellowships are awarded to women scientists in Arab countries, to realize important scientific research in life sciences, applied sciences and physical sciences, the research is to be conducted in Arab region.

2. Each fellowship is worth $ 20 000 to be paid directly by L’Oreal Foundation, and to used for research in Arab countries.

3. The Fellowships will be attributed to women scientists having obtained a Masters degree.

4. The selected beneficiaries will be awarded their Fellowships at a public ceremony.