A Hybrid Incubation Model for the Arab Region

The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) is developing a new initiative; "Open Innovation Hub", as a platform to support Arab Innovation. 

This initiative may be considered as an umbrella project of many of its 15 years programs working researchers, entrepreneurs and inventors in the same field. The following document brings three complementary platforms to support each other but with the same aim. This aim is to share responsibility and compete for best of the project. I hope this would grow to be an in-house semi-ecosystem.

  • Venture Incubation, offering a comprehensive logistic support & platform to efficiently set up of startup (space, services: IT, legal, accounting, secretarial, logistics, maintenance, R&D management, Labs, in-house and out-of-house (virtual) membership, basic training) 
  • Venture Development (corporate strategy & development, business structuration, financing & roadshows, connections with local and international networks, constitution of relevant advisory teams, Intellectual property strategy)
  • Venture Fund (Fund management; Waqf Innovation Fund, Seed financing)