The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) reflects the Arab youth’s aspirations to reassume their historical role in enriching the worldwide in the field of science, and expresses the efforts that exerts in developing national programs and projects that capable of assimilating the scientific advances of the 21st century, Also Astf look forward to interact positively with the Eastern and Western scientific development experiences.

ASTF aspires to be an influential Arab and international entity supporting the efforts of Arab scientists and researchers, and defending the interests of the region in the field of technology and science, as well as protecting humanity from the hazards and the negative effects of technological developments.

Moreover, ASTF seeks not only to strengthen the links between universities and research centers inside and outside the Arab world through joint projects, agreements and programs, but also to attract businesses, companies and individuals capable of allocating endowments to fund research posts in those fields that are vital for the Arab countries.