The participation of ASTF in regional and international conferences

First Conference of Arab-European collaboration to support small and medium enterprises, Damascus, Syria
The 1st International Forum on Patents Licensing and Technology Transfer in the Arab region, Manama, Bahrain
The 2nd International Forum on Patents Licensing and Technology Transfer in the Arab region, Sharjah, UAE
Preparation of the first meeting for Arab cultural summit, Beirut, Lebanon
Fifth Conference of the International Network to support small and medium enterprises, Dubai, UAE
Science and Technology Conference on the sidelines of the summit of foreign ministers G8, Trieste, Italy
The Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Research and Innovation, Cairo, Egypt
Third Regional Conference on Management of Technology in Africa, Dakar, Senegal
The first Arab Economic and Social Summit, Kuwait
The eleventh Forum for GCC youth, Sharjah, UAE
The United Nations Conference on Science and Technology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Scientific research and national development Conference, UAE
Renewable Energy Conference, University of Sharjah, UAE
The second Forum for innovation, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Space Technology Conference, Amman, Jordan
Global Space Congress 2011, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Participate in meetings of the UN Committee on Science and Technology for North Africa, Morocco
Arab-European setup to support small and medium enterprises Conference
The Second World Conference of Islamic Relief in Abu Dhabi, UAE
The Third World Conference of Islamic Relief in Doha, Qatar
Sharjah Forum for Development
Regional Seminar About Linking Invention to Investment
The Second international Conference in Metamaterials, Photonic crystals and Plasmonics
Participate in the UN Conference for woman in Science, USA
Arab-American dialogue on Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE
First International Forum on desalination technology and water purification in the Arab world, Marrakech, Morocco
The Second International Forum on water desalination technology in the Arab world, Sharjah, UAE
Renewable Energy Conference, Sharjah, UAE
Interior Architecture and Urban Planning Workshop, Sharjah, UAE
Arab conference on development and economic impacts of nanotechnology techniques, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
The fourth annual workshop, on "ideas and innovation, Morocco
First World Conference on e-governance, Tripoli, Libya
"The Role of Arab Women in Science" Conference, Beijing, China
Arab parliamentarians conference in Science and Technology, Damascus, Syria
AAAS27 conference on science and technology policies in the Arab region, Amman, Jordan
Emirati civil society delegation participating in the workshop of Future Forum, Istanbul (Turkey),Ottawa (Canada), and Doha (Qatar)
International Middle East Power Systems Conference, Sousse, Tunisia
The fourth Arab Strategy Forum, Dubai, UAE
Fifth Islamic Conference of Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The organization of the International Week of innovation in Morocco, Tangier, Morocco
"The future outlook between Europe and the Gulf region " conference, Muscat, Oman.