About IITF

Within the Entrepreneurship Development Initiative, ASTF introduce the Investing in Technology Forum® as an International gathering focusing on stimulating more investment in emerging technologies in the Arab World.

The Forum falls into ASTF efforts to bridge the gap between those who generate technology and those who generates businesses and investments. The ultimate aim of this merger is to create strong, innovative and competitive knowledge-based businesses that can add value, generate jobs and create wealth.

Building on a strong track record of five previous forums (Beirut, Jeddah, Manama, Kuwait , Amman ), the forum has achieved the following:

  • Match-Making Sessions between Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • 60 Best Arab startups were presented to potential investors
  • 22 Investment deals were concluded
  • 12 million dollars were invested in Arab Startups

Every year, the forum was successful in gathering and promoting:

  • 200+ Participants from multinational and regional corporations
  • 20+ International Speakers
  • 20+ Technology Start-ups
  • 3+ Regional awards
  • 2 Specialized workshops
  • 2 Days of focused technology investment and networking

Goals and Objectives

IITF strategic goals and objectives are as follows:

  • Discuss the factors for fostering an Arab Business Angel and Venture Capital Industry that is actively engaged in economic and technology development in the Arab region. 
  • Allow major Multinational Corporations operating in the region to present their different programs in Venture Capital investment, 3rd party support and social responsibility programs.
  • Establish an informal network between technology leaders, corporations, angel investors, venture capital funds, and other financial institutions to stimulate further investment in new technologies.
  • Organize private match-make meetings between Arab technology startups, with worldwide market potential and global competitive advantage, and interested investors and venture capitalists.

Who Attends

The Forum is designed to cater for a demanding and exclusive audience of:

  • The investment and business community.
  • Multinational corporations.
  • Leading regional corporations in technology innovation.
  • Venture capital funds, private equity funds, and investment banks.
  • Angel investors and business angel groups.
  • Technology leaders in the Arab region.
  • Incubators and technology parks.
  • Universities and research centers.
  • NGOs and Gov. organizations.
  • Technology startups and SMEs.
  • CEOs and founders of technology startups in the sectors of:
    • Information Technology
    • Communication
    • Transportation
    • Biotechnology
    • Medical Instrumentation
    • Energy
    • Financial Services

They all present their achievements and explore investment opportunities offered by participating angel investors and venture capitalist.