Dr. Maged Hussein Grant considered as one of the Iraqi initiatives that sponsored by the Arab Science and Technology Foundation, it started in November 2009, and included 39 participants and in the fall 2010, only 6 winners were declared.

Dr. Maged Hussein's Grant in the field of soil salinity and water management act as important step to complete the exerts effort in conference held in Iraq from 15th – 17th July 2009, where a lot of ministries participated, like: minister of agriculture, science and technology, water resource, high education and research minister, these conference considered as scientific forum to discuss the agriculture and soil’s problems in Iraq.

The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) cooperate with Iraqi Scientists and Engineers Programs (ISEP) and Civil Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) to manage Dr. Maged Hussein’s Grant in field of soil salinity and water management, these grant managed by Astf’s office in Baghdad.

The Goals of Dr. Maged Hussein’s Grant:

 Dr. Maged Grant encourage to:

- Continue the Peaceful development in the scientific and technological fields in Iraq.

- Increase the no. of essentials and applied scientific researches that related to soil salinity and water management.

- Encourage the national and international efforts to analysis and solve the problems of high soil salinity in Iraq, and develop new techniques to manage the water resources and irrigation of the agriculture land.

The criteria to apply in Dr. Maged Hussein’s Grant:

The applicant should satisfy the following criteria:

- The applicant should be one of the Iraq residents.

- The applicant should work in the field of Soil salinity and water resource management.

- The applied research should related to soil salinity and water resource management fields, and serve the civilian needs in Iraqi community.

It Worth mentioning that the Dr. Maged Hussein‘s maximum fund level is 50,000$ for each project.