With greatly appreciated initiative From Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) Company, who has chosen ASTF to manage ONE MILLION US $ grant to support Scientific Research and technology Innovation in the Arab World that take place twice a year.

ALJ grant aims to: Enhancing civil Research and Development activities in medical, engineering, applied sciences fields, as well as other sciences with relevant approaches.

In order to implement the desired goal from Abdul latif jameel Grants, ASTF has developed program to fund the scientific applied researches that aim to develop the economic and industrial fields in the Arab region. ASTF supervise over judging committee who working on evaluating the researches in order to select the winners.

The winners’ researches chosen according to specific scientific criteria, like: the scientific value of the project, the possibility to apply and promote the project, the Project’s value to serve the social development in the Arab world. 

Abdul latif jameel (ALJ) Grant encourages the researches in a lot of fields, like: Medical, engineering, applied science, physics, water Desalination, electronics, agriculture, energy, environment and other fields. The program funds each winner project with 25,000 to 50,000 US Dollar.

One of third from ALJ grant directed to the researched that offer scientific solutions to the problems that face poor people, but this technological solution should be cheap, and suit the purchasing power for those people in order to enhance their life standard.