Since establish communication channels between Arab scientists, technologists and investors is on the top priority of Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF)’s agenda, therefore ASTF are interesting in launching a lot of scientific networks that work to achieve its goals and missions.

 So, All Scientists and investors are welcomed to submit proposals to establish new specialized scientifical and/or technological networks that interest in covering new fields which related to different technological approaches. 

ASTF will support these networks after set the agreements and rules of networks’ administration that based on general rules set by ASTF who manage the network activity including, coordinating its works, members, and events.

As a result of initiative launched by The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF), The Investors and Entrepreneurs Technologists Network established in 2006, The Network included businessmen, consultant investors and entrepreneurs in the different fields of technology in the Arab world.

Investors and Entrepreneurs Technologists Network’s goals:

- Promote the initiative spirit in the Arab world.

- Stimulate the youth entrepreneur to self-employment and to contribute in Arabic economy’s building.

- Getting benefits from technology investment forums that act as communication mean between all the participants in order to exchange the experiences and knowledge.

- Utilizing the efforts that exerts in the technology field to develop technological products in the Arabic and foreign markets.

The Investors and Entrepreneurs’ Network work on building extensive database, include all investors, business men, entrepreneurs, and venture Capitals’s owners’ categories as well as working on modeling administrative committee to manage the network’s activities and develop it in the Arab region.

The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) launched Biotechnology network in March 2008, which located in El-Sharjah, UAE as head quarter.

Biotechnology Network Goals:

- Increase the research and development in the field of biotechnology.

- Increase the no. of researchers and specialists in this field.

- Encourage opportunity Exploitation in the social and economic approaches in the biotechnology field. 

- Offer the companies, business men and investors with technological solutions to meet their needs.

Currently, The Biotechnology network include about 150 members, and 40 regional and international organizations specialized in biotechnology field.

It worth to mention that the network not restricted to geographical consideration, but its membership extend to include all universities, research organizations and specialized companies from outside the Arab world that its activities interest to develop the Arab world.

The Biotechnology Network include many sectors, like: medical sector, agriculture sector, environmental sector, energy sector, media sector and training and conferences sector.

The Biotechnology network provides a lot of programs, like: Research and Development program, Organizing workshops and Conferences, Training programs and program for how to protect the heritage and Arabic civilization.

The Biotechnology network organized workshop under name of “The Research and Development in the biotechnology”, these workshop was held in Amman, Jordon and A lot of specialized Arab and foreign scientists participated in it. 

Under Slogan of “Together…we could make a difference”, The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) launched its initiative to establish Arab Women network in 2008. This initiative looks forward to reinforcement the women role in the field of science and technology to achieve social and economic development in the Arab world.

Women network for Research and Development network’s goals:

The network aim to play vital role in the Arab region through:

- Increase the women presence in various fields of Science and technology and in the scientific and technological decision positions, and promote these presences. 

- Consolidation Arab women’s social communication all over the Arab world.

- Promote the Arab women presence in a lot of technology fields, like: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, communication and other many fields, that help in overcome the obstacles and offer more opportunities to the women to participate strongly and effectively in several of science and technology sectors.

Arab Women network’s Work Axes:

- Women Network work on collecting enormous information about the characters and organization, in order to coordinate between those experienced characters and between the network in order to develop the cooperation and achieve the network goal.  

- Collect names of well-known women characters in the field of science and technology to suggest new ideas for the network projects and to give new opportunities to improve the young women’s skills through giving them training opportunities.

- Closing with new programs and initiatives that help to record new achievements for women in the field of science and technology.

Arab Women network for Research and development’s important dates:

- In 2002, the women committee formed in the second conference for “Scientific research outlook in the Arab world”.

- In 2004, ASTF present immediate support to establish Arab women network for Research and Development.

Dr. Nagwa Abdel El-Hamid supervised on the Arab Women network for research and development, also the network look forward to widen its memberships to include members from all over the Arab world.

The network aims to increase the professional and social value for the members, establish other networks that support the Arab women network in the developing fields, and networking and virtual networks with other Arab scientists’ networks.

Arab Women Network for Research and Development look for effectively cooperation with the technicians and the organizations’ leaders to promote the educational and training role to support the research and development, in additional to hold training session and workshops in the field of science to develop network’s members’ scientific skills.

The major objective for the Arab Scientists and Labs Network is promote and coordinate the Research, Development and Innovation in microelectronics technology and industry in the Arab World, through cooperation among universities, research centers and institutes concerned by this technology inside and outside the Arab world.

The Cooperation will take place among Technology Parks and industries (e.g. Silicon Oasis UAE, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Malaysia).