• Arab nationals residing in Arab countries.
  • The projects or ideas submitted must be in areas of technology in service to the community. 
  • The competition does not stipulate holding a particular scientific degree (i.e. open to all citizens).
  • Participants should apply in teams including 2 to 5 persons per team, whom at least two thirds are of Arab nationality and Residing in the Arab World. 
  • Teams should include or acquire members with Professional technical and management expertise. 
  • Business plans should be for Companies to be established or already running (start-up phase) in the Arab world and most of Research & Development activities should have been done or planned to be done in Arab countries. 
  • Innovations, Researches results, Prototypes and Projects within the business plans should already passed the R&D stage, financially feasible with attractive returns to investors, have potential market regionally and/or worldwide and proposals should be clear for investors.
  • The proposed business plan should not be in violation of any intellectual property rights.
  • Teams or team members that have received any form of venture capital, Angel funds or investors financing for their business plan should be mentioned clearly.
  • The winning teams’ leaders should be fluent in English.
  • If there are mixed teams the team country will be as the coordinator nationality.
  • The executive summary is mandatory before the registration close.

The Judging panel of Arab Technology Business Plan Competition takes in mind some criteria and factors when the evaluating the submitted business plan, the criteria included but not limited to: 

Technical criteria:
The technical criteria include not limited to:
Innovation: The submitted business plan should be about new start up idea not executed before to encourage the searching in the scientific business aspects.
Feasibility: The submitted business plan should be high quality written and feasible.
Robustness: The Submitted business plan should be strong, clear, persuasive and robust in order to have the capability to compete in the market.
Can be applied: The business plan should include obvious steps and performance milestones that could be applied in the market.

Business Criteria:
The Business plan should include the following business factors:
Add value: The submitted business plan should add new value not exist before in the market whether this value was financial or social return.
Competitive Advantage: The business plan should be characterized by marketability and have the ability to compete in the market.