Rashid M. Al-Ballaa, CEO, N2V, KSA
Founder and CEO of National Net Ventures (N2V), one of the largest internet holding companies in the MENA region that is enabling web ventures in the region by investing capital and offering essential infrastructure services to help accelerate their growth. Rashid is also a board member of National Technology Group (NTG), the region’s largest ICT conglomerate and key provider of Financial Technology and Services. Rashid was spearheading the regional business development efforts of Mubasher, and is also the founder of Direct Broker for Financial Services (DBFS), the UAE’s first STP e-brokerage company. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer science with honors degree from King Saud University in Riyadh, KSA
Zaid Ayoub, Founder and CEO, New Energy Co., Jordan
After working National Semiconductor and Best IC Labs, Zaid started his own firm, Dimensions Consulting Inc (DCI serving the global Semiconductor industry. ( Intel, TI, Apple, AMD, Toshiba, Motorola, and IBM). In 2000, Zaid sold DCI to Credence Systems, a global Automated Capital Equipment maker and in 2002 he took DCI private again. In 2003, Mr. Ayoub set up an electrical engineering design outsource center in Jordan and a regional design centers in Singapore to serve the South East Asia and China markets. DCI was successfully sold to Antares ATT at the end of 2006. Zaid is a Managing Partner at New Energy Co. (NEC) in Jordan with the focus on Clean Technology, Renewable Energy and Carbon Trade (CDM). And has numerous angel investments in Silicon Valley. He received his MBA and BSEE from Santa Clara University in the USA
Habib Haddad, Founder, Yamli, Lebanon
Habib is the founder and CEO of Yamli.com an Arabic search engine and transliteration technology whose goal is to empower the Arabic language on the web. He is also the founder of YallaStartup an NGO that aims to foster early stage entrepreneurship in the Middle East. He also co-founded INLET (International Network of Lebanese Entrepreneurs and Technologists), to promote technology and Entrepreneurship in Lebanon, and founded Relief Lebanon to support relief operations during the July 2006 war in Lebanon. Habib is currently advising several young entrepreneurs and startups from the MENA region. In 2009, the World Economic Forum recognized Habib as a Young Global Leader, he also made it to the "Thirty under 30" list by ArabianBusiness. He holds a Bachelor of Computer and Communication Engineering from the American University in Beirut and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.
Tarek Elesseily, General Manager, Silicon Vision, Egypt
Founded in 2007, Silicon Vision designs advanced mixed-signal communication products for physical layer) and developing a rich portfolio of intellectual properties (IPs) in the area of high-speed communication components. The company’s customers list includes: Intel, TDK, SEI, Fairchild Semi, Centillium, and Huawei. Tarek received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in EE from Ain Shams University in Egypt. Prior to starting Silicon Vision, Tarek has worked for several companies including as MEMScap (France), and SWS (Egypt) and LSI (US).
Dr. Nasser Kutkut, Director of Florida Energy Systems Consortium, UCF, USA
In addition to his current role, Dr. Kutkut is also a Business Consultant and Technical Advisor to Petra Solar Inc, a high tech solar and smart grid solution provider, and an advisory board member of TechniPower Systems, Inc. He was also the Founder & CEO of Power Designers LLC, a design and manufacturing firm of industrial battery charging and monitoring solutions. Dr. Kutkut has over 15 years of technology leadership and management experience developing and commercializing innovative power conversion technologies. Dr. Kutkut holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in management and entrepreneurship, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tariq Al-Asiri, General Manager, Argaam, UAE
Is the co-founder for argaam.com an online financial portal providing valuable information and full coverage to all GCC stock markets companies and their profiles. It aims to provide individual and corporate investors in the Middle East with innovative investment tools where they can have access to the latest financial market news, stock market researches, financial statements, sectors analysis and IPOs. Tariq is a strong believer that the internet in the Arabic World carry a lot of untapped opportunities for both entrepreneurs and consumers.
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