Arab Life Sciences Network (ALSN) is a division of Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF). The main objective of this network is to bring together Arabic Life Sciences Professionals, within Arab World and abroad, welling to promote scientific knowledge in the Arab World and to create knowledge based economy.

We believe that Arab World should move from the status of importing and consuming technologies to the stage where it creates technologies that serve its specific needs and can be exported globally for the benefit of humanity.

The adhesion to this network is opened to all Arabic Life Sciences Professionals, within Arab World and abroad, who share its objectives and involved in different Life Sciences fields in academic, private and public sectors.


This objective would be achieved through several initiatives such as:

  • Create a database of Arabic Life Sciences Professionals. Such database will enhance communication and provide a unique platform in Arab World for exchange of business information, ideas and support within Life Sciences.
  • Identify mentor and support creative Life Sciences projects in order to transform brilliant ideas into useful and concrete business.
  • Organize scientific events such as conferences and workshops to connect Life Sciences professionals working in private and public sectors.
  • Collaborate with Peers Arabic NGOs in Life Science fields to create synergy and achieve bigger targets.
  • Collaborate with international institutions & organizations in the area of Life Sciences.
  • Create a Life Science Publications to promote scientific publishing in Arab World.