As a result of initiative launched by The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF), The Investors and Entrepreneurs Technologists Network established in 2006, The Network included businessmen, consultant investors and entrepreneurs in the different fields of technology in the Arab world.

Investors and Entrepreneurs Technologists Network’s goals:

- Promote the initiative spirit in the Arab world.

- Stimulate the youth entrepreneur to self-employment and to contribute in Arabic economy’s building.

- Getting benefits from technology investment forums that act as communication mean between all the participants in order to exchange the experiences and knowledge.

- Utilizing the efforts that exerts in the technology field to develop technological products in the Arabic and foreign markets.

The Investors and Entrepreneurs’ Network work on building extensive database, include all investors, business men, entrepreneurs, and venture Capitals’s owners’ categories as well as working on modeling administrative committee to manage the network’s activities and develop it in the Arab region.