The Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) launched Biotechnology network in March 2008, which located in El-Sharjah, UAE as head quarter.

Biotechnology Network Goals:

- Increase the research and development in the field of biotechnology.

- Increase the no. of researchers and specialists in this field.

- Encourage opportunity Exploitation in the social and economic approaches in the biotechnology field. 

- Offer the companies, business men and investors with technological solutions to meet their needs.

Currently, The Biotechnology network include about 150 members, and 40 regional and international organizations specialized in biotechnology field.

It worth to mention that the network not restricted to geographical consideration, but its membership extend to include all universities, research organizations and specialized companies from outside the Arab world that its activities interest to develop the Arab world.

The Biotechnology Network include many sectors, like: medical sector, agriculture sector, environmental sector, energy sector, media sector and training and conferences sector.

The Biotechnology network provides a lot of programs, like: Research and Development program, Organizing workshops and Conferences, Training programs and program for how to protect the heritage and Arabic civilization.

The Biotechnology network organized workshop under name of “The Research and Development in the biotechnology”, these workshop was held in Amman, Jordon and A lot of specialized Arab and foreign scientists participated in it.