Arab Techno-Preneurship day
Arab Technology Business Plan Competition


Under the Patronage of H.E. Eng. Ebrahim Mehleb, the Egyptian Prime Minister And the Auspices of H.E. Atef Helmy, Minister of Communications and information Technology, Arab Science and Technology Foundation honor to launch "Arab Techo-Preneurship day".
Venue: ITI, Smart Village, Giza, Egypt
Date: 30 September 2014
  • Give good example for young Egyptian and Arab Techno-Preneurs
  • Judging business plans for TBPC, and ICT projects
  • Increasing awareness about Entrepreneurship through sessions
  • Developing and refining business skills for Arab entrepreneurs
Day agenda:
From To Activity
9:30 10:30 Registration
10:30 11:00 Opening session
  Refereeing Sessions Workshop Sessions (*Main Hall)
11:00 13:00 Judging TBPC Projects
(*VIP Lounge)
Judging ICT Projects
(*Room 3032)
Session A: Global Citizenship: The Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship “Dr. Hassan Azzazy”
Session B: Developing the idea ”Dr. Faried Al Nagar ”
Session C: Business Model ”Mr. Ziad Ali”
13:00 14:00 Break
14:00 15:30 Judging TBPC Projects
(*VIP Lounge)
Judging ICT Projects
(*Room 3032)
Session D: Intellectual property ”Dr. Ahmed Donia”
Session E: Success story ” Dr. Bassam Saadany”
15:30 16:00 Break
16:00 16:30 Judging meeting (Closed meeting)
16:30 17:30 Panel discussion(*Main Hall)
Entrepreneurship in the Arab World; Experience, and Support.
  • Ms. Valentina Qussisiya, Abdelhamed Shoman Foundation Director
  • Dr. Hazem Al Tahawy, Mentor Graphics Managing Director MENA Region
  • Dr. Abdalla Al Najar, ASTF President
Moderator: Dr. Ghada Amer, ASTF Vice President
17:30 18:00 Announcing Winners & Day Closing

9th Arab Technology Business Plan Competition
Phase one requirement and Deliverables

Note: Submission should follow all the coming rules without exceptions in order to avoid discarding.

Team rules:
• Team should be not less than 2 persons and not more than 5 persons.
• Team should assign just one coordinator responsible for any contact with the competition organizing committee, and it will be by mail but the reply will be to all the team.

The following four documents must be uploaded to the website at the registration page before 9 AM 5th of August, 2013:

1. Executive Summary: executive summary must be limited to 2 pages of text.

2. Financial Summary: 1 page financial summary data which Include how much money is required, how it will be used, and the proposed structure of the deal, i.e., stock, debentures, etc. You should use separated Excel sheets for financial data.

3. Resume Booklet: One team resume booklet, wherein each individual’s resume should not exceed 1 page in length.

4. One-Page Summary for Program Book and Media Campaign: We are asking each team to submit a one-page summary outlining your business plan where half the page is showing this summary in English and the other half showing the summary in Arabic. This one-page summary will not be used by the Judging panel, but will be provided to media and other representatives .The level of technical detail should be suitable for a general audience. Please include your contact information on the summary page.

* Summary should be in black and white (no color logos, titles font size 14 Bold Times New Roman, paragraphs font size 12 Times New Roman) and page size should be formatted to fit A4 with 2-2-2-2 cm margins, all documents should be in zipped file .

please upload your documents before registration closing, for any inquries or comments please contact us on the following email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Best Wishes
Organizing Committee

Arab Technology Business Plan Competition Falls in line with ASTF efforts to fill the gap between those who generate startups technology business idea and those who want to invest in technology business fields.
Arab Technology Business Plan Competition aims to consequently support further technology researches and development, thus creates a much needed momentum able to drive Arab economies into the new millennium, also TBPC aims to create strong, innovative, technology-based business able to compete worldwide.
The Arab Technology Business Plan Competition can be a start for the Arabian entrepreneurs to present their innovations to the market through starting up technology based companies by developing their own business plans for their technological Innovations.

TBPC will help the applicants to gain some high needed skills in order to know how to manage the technology, and how to link the technology strategies to the business strategies of the company through Training, Mentoring, judging and seeking partnerships with Venture Capitals and Investors.
The technology business plan competition is also an opportunity for venture capitals and investors who seeking for potential entrepreneurs and investment opportunities in the Arab region within the technology and science fields.

Arab Technology Business Plan Competition’s objectives:

• Create more awareness on potential opportunities in technology startups and recognize innovative and outstanding technology business ideas and plans. 
• Develop entrepreneurial skills for the participants and help them in developing their business plan. 
• Increase investments in Arab technology startups by providing Arab investors with diverse & well selected group of startups to invest in.

Arab technology business plan competition’s time plan:

1st Round:
• Opening the registration.
• Submitting of applications and the executive summaries.
• Announce the winners.

2nd round:
• Starting of e-learning course.
• The applicants submit their Business Plan Draft.
• Announce the winners.

3rd Round:
• Attending the training workshops.
• The applicants submit their full business plan for their innovations.
• Announce the winners.

4th Round (The Final):
• Launching the virtual fair.
• announce the names of the top winners.
• Competition between the top winners in final stage. 
• Closing awards ceremony.

The Arab Technology Business Plan Competition is regional business plan competition organized by Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF).
These business plan competition provides the Arabian Entrepreneurs with tools to nurture their startups technology and turn the technology innovation into business opportunities.

Also Arab technology business plan competition considered as an opportunity for venture capitals and investors who seek for potential entrepreneurs and investment opportunities in the Arab region within the technology fields.
TBPC encourage the Arab youth to present their own startups ideas business plan in front of venture capitals fund and investors which gave them the chance to turn those ideas to business through financial funds. It gives the Arab youth more passion for searching and invent in the new technologies fields and not waiting for routine governmental vacancies.
In additional to that, Arab technology business plan competition assist in get rid of unemployment problem that we suffer strongly in our Arab world and creates lot of job vacancies and opportunities for Arab youth through fund their startups business plans and providing them with training programs that make them capable of facing the market and compete in it. The winners in the Arab technology business plan competition will be able to show their business plans in front of venture capitals fund investors in the ASTF Technology Investment Forum and receive financial funds to start their own business.

The Technological fields that covered in the Arab Technology Business plan Competition:

• Information & Communication Technology.
• Design Methodologies and EDA.

• Embedded Systems.
• Business Planning.
• Life Science.

• Education.
• Electronics.
• Energy.
• Environment and Clean Technology.
• Semiconductors.
• Water and Desalinization.